15 | Ad Hoc method

Published on Aug 13, 2021 | By Tesvan team

Ad Hoc Method


Ad hoc Testing is an informal or unstructured software testing type that aims to break the testing process in order to find possible defects or errors at an early possible stage. Ad hoc testing is done randomly and it is usually an unplanned activity which does not follow any documentation and test design techniques to create test cases.

Ad hoc Testing does not follow any structured way of testing and it is randomly done on any part of application. Main aim of this testing is to find defects by random checking. Ad Hoc testing can be achieved with the Software testing technique called Error Guessing. Error guessing can be done by the people having enough experience on the system to "guess" the most likely source of errors.

This testing requires no documentation/ planning /process to be followed. Since this testing aims at finding defects through random approach, without any documentation, defects will not be mapped to test cases. This means that, sometimes, it is very difficult to reproduce the defects as there are no test steps or requirements mapped to it.



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