07 | Unit testing

Published on Aug 12, 2021 | By Tesvan team

Testing levels


There are mainly four Levels of Testing in software testing

  • Unit Testing: checks if software components are fulfilling functionalities or not.
  • Integration Testing: checks the data flow from one module to other modules.
  • System Testing: evaluates both functional and non-functional needs for the testing.
  • Acceptance Testing: checks the requirements of a specification or contract are met as per its delivery.
  • Each of these testing levels has a specific purpose. These testing level provide value to the software development lifecycle.


Unit testing

A Unit is a smallest testable portion of system or application which can be compiled, liked, loaded, and executed. This kind of testing helps to test each module separately.

The aim is to test each part of the software by separating it. It checks that component are fulfilling functionalities or not. This kind of testing is performed by developers.



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